Based on scalable tech stacks, adapted to your branding, ready for the future.

I offer custom web development services that are tailored to your specific needs. This includes creating and developing interactive content, as well as providing bespoke solutions for your company's website.

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I can support you with this

I always develop complex interactions, desktop applications and apps to be user-friendly, attractive and easy to use. This also includes optimization for search engines and integration into content management and web shop systems.

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Responsive Websites

Nowadays, optimal mobile display is essential for every website. Google prioritizes mobile pages when indexing. Adaptation to different devices has become a given. A website that is not mobile-optimized causes over 90% of users to leave the page immediately.

Responsive display goes beyond simple content scaling. User behavior and requirements on mobile devices are different than on large screens. When creating or optimizing responsive, search engine optimized websites, I not only take scaling into account, but also adjusting the layout, restructuring content and optimizing interactive elements and navigation.

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Interactive Content

One of my great passions in the field of design & development is the conception, design and implementation of interactive applications.

From simple to complex. From simple logins or contact forms to interactive hotspot interactions and product configurators. In all interactions, I always pay attention to intuitive usability, flexible customization and that little bit of “intelligence” that a human-computer interaction should offer today in order to enable easy operation and guide the user through a process as quickly as possible.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is crucial for any business website and should be viewed as an ongoing process. I can help optimize your website in the key areas of on-page SEO and technical SEO.

This includes mobile adaptation, which is increasingly important for ranking. I also improve information architecture, usability and accessibility, which have a growing impact on search engine rankings. Especially from 2025 onwards, the accessibility of websites will become more important thanks to the Accessibility Strengthening Act. From mid-2025, websites that offer electronic services must comply with legal requirements for accessibility.

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Additional Services

In the area of web development, I offer a range of other services with which you can optimize and functionally expand your website. Do you have an idea that isn't being promoted? Talk to me – together we can implement it!


Global success through web shop integration

With increasing online commerce, a professional web shop is crucial to compete and ensure long-term success.

As an expert in web development, I would be happy to advise you on integrating well-known web shop systems such as Shopify into your existing website. This allows you to present your products worldwide and significantly increase sales. Additionally, I offer adjustments to the appearance of your webshop to ensure a consistent and professional brand presence.

Content Management Systeme

Manage and customize website content effectively

CMS (Content Management Systems) make it easy to manage, update and customise website content.

An optimal CMS connection not only makes your website easier to manage, but also improves the user experience. Whether you are already using a CMS or are looking for the best solution for your needs, I can help you with my expertise.

Optimized forms

Increased conversion rate through optimized form design

Form design is challenging, especially when it comes to usability.

Using proven methods such as clear instructions, reduction of form fields, responsive design, mobile optimization and clear feedback can significantly increase conversion rates. I optimize existing forms, carry out A/B tests and develop new, user-friendly interaction options that people like to use.

Interfaces (API)

Embed external content into your own websites

Would you like to improve the functionality and user-friendliness of your website?

Through the clever integration of external interfaces such as product configurators, e-commerce content and connections to APIs such as CRM systems or other company applications, I can make your website more efficient and optimise the user experience.


Would you like a few examples?

Discover the fusion of design and technology in my showcase! Below you will get an insight into my private and professional work in the areas of UI design, UX designer and web development.

Various views of the DEKRA Neo GmbH website
#Project-Management #UI Design #UX-Design #Frontend-Development

Conception and implementation of a responsive website with Nuxt.js for the new website of DEKRA Neo GmbH

➟ Show Website
Various views of the DRECHSEL GmbH website
#Project-Management #UI Design #Full-Stack-Development

Conception and development of a responsive website including CMS for the Drechsel company. Implemented with Laravel, Vue.js & SASS

➟ Show Website
Various views of the DEKRA Expert Migration website
#Project-Management #UI Design #Frontend-Development

Conception and implementation of a responsive website with Nuxt.js for the new website of DEKRA Expert Migration GmbH

➟ Show Website
Various views of the Trackflix app
#Logo Design #UI Design #UX-Design #Branding #App Design

In addition to basic branding, the logo and UI design were also developed for the Trackflix app for working time and vacation management.

➟ Show Website
Various views of the Your Message website
#Consulting #UI Design #Prototyping

Consulting, interface design and prototype creation via Figma for the website relaunch of Your Message

➟ Show Website
Various views of the Atelier Baus website
#Full-Stack-Development #Authoring #UI Design #Webshop-Connection

Conception and implementation of a responsive website with Laravel for the new Atelier Bau website including a Shopify webshop connection

➟ Show Website
Various views of the Amaro website
#Consulting #UI Design #UX-Design #Prototyping

UX consulting, interface design and prototype creation via Figma for the website relaunch of Amaro

➟ Show Website
Mockup of a 6-page flyer for a wedding fair
#Visual Design #Flyer #Advertising Materials

This 6-page flyer with a three-fold fold was designed for a wedding trade fair and the print data was prepared.

Various views of the real estate agent website
#Visual Branding #UI Design #Frontend-Development #Immoscout-API

In addition to the visual branding, the UI design and its front-end development were also taken over for the planned website.


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I'm interested in freelance opportunities - especially for ambitious or large projects.

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