User Interface Design

Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Whether it is a website, app or software, the quality of the user interface is now a key factor in whether products and services are bought or used. They are not only the first visible, but also the most important product feature, and are therefore crucial for user experience (UX) and satisfaction.

Different display devices with customized designs

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Developing user interfaces that combine creative design, intuitive usability and future trends is a complex process.

The demands have increased enormously in recent years, especially in the areas of accessibility, performance and cross-device usability. A well-designed user interface can create a strong connection between customers and your product or service. Positive experiences and trust create a significant impact on sales and recommendation rates.

User interface with individually designed elements

Individual Designs

I develop design solutions that match the visual brand identity with a clear focus on usability and functionality. My conception and implementation are characterized by an individual and appealing aesthetic while keeping important UX aspects in mind.

I create successful designs that are simple, user-centered, and precisely tailored to needs.

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App & Software Design

Designing interactive applications is a challenging task for UI designers. With my expertise and attention to detail, I am able to create designs that meet the needs of a wide range of users with different preferences and skills.

However, I am confident in my ability to create a consistent, functional, and attractive design, even in complex applications. User-friendliness and ease of use are always my top priorities, and I am dedicated to ensuring that every user has a positive experience.

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Interactive Content

Interactive content is crucial for successful applications and websites. It inspires and engages users, creating experiences that can significantly increase the success of a website.

Interactive graphics, surveys, calculators, games, and product configurators are just a few examples of the types of interactive content that can increase engagement and set you apart from the competition. Moreover, interactive content offers practical benefits that can enhance user experience and drive business growth. Users can learn about products early and explore them, or receive helpful information that positively influences their decision-making process.

I have extensive experience designing and programming interactive content with a focus on user-friendly interfaces, flexibility, and scalability. My expertise in this area ensures that users will have a seamless and enjoyable experience while engaging with the content.

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Additional Services

I offer additional UI design services to enhance the user interface. This optimizes the user experience, strengthens the brand experience, and enables engaging digital interactions.


Minimize waste of time and resources

Wireframes enable rapid testing and evaluation of design concepts. They prioritize crucial elements such as layout, navigation, content, and interactions, deliberately omitting details such as colours, fonts, or images. This method facilitates the early identification of potential issues in the design or navigation concept, conserving time and resources that would otherwise be expended on fully developed design drafts.


Bring your vision to life!

Prototyping enables an early preview of the final user experience of a product or service before investing time and resources in development. I confidently create low-fidelity, interactive, or high-quality prototypes that bring your vision to life.

High-Fidelity Designs

Realistic designs of the final product. Even before development!

High-fidelity designs are a crucial aspect of the design process, providing a detailed and comprehensive representation of the end product. By creating these designs before implementation and development, stakeholders can gain a realistic picture of the final result and provide valuable feedback. To ensure that all stakeholders understand the design concept, it is important to present information in a logical order, describing processes in the sequence they should be carried out.


For that certain extra!

Um die Benutzerfreundlichkeit einer Webseite oder Benutzeroberfläche zu verbessern, können Animationen oder auch Mikro-Interaktionen eingesetzt werden.

Sie geben Benutzern visuelles Feedback, wenn Sie unterschiedlichste Aktionen ausführen oder können auch zur Lenkung der Aufmerksamkeit auf bestimmte Elemente oder Interaktionen eingesetzt werden und so den Erfolg einer Webseite steigern.

Optimize user interfaces

Get users to their destination faster

To enhance the user experience, user interfaces must be optimized in various ways. The most common area that requires improvement is usability. This involves simplifying website or application navigation and interactions. Other areas, such as accessibility and performance, can also be optimized in many cases.

Styleguides & UI Guidelines

Efficient design processes and consistent brand representation

Creating style guides and UI guidelines saves time and resources for a company in the long term. Clear guidelines for a brand's visual elements, including colours, fonts, and logos, as well as principles for user interface design, speed up and improve the design process, enhance user-friendliness, and ensure a consistent brand appearance.


Would you like a few examples?

Discover the fusion of design and technology in my showcase! Below you will get an insight into my private and professional work in the areas of UI design, UX designer and web development.

Various views of the DEKRA Neo GmbH website
#Project-Management #UI Design #UX-Design #Frontend-Development

Conception and implementation of a responsive website with Nuxt.js for the new website of DEKRA Neo GmbH

➟ Show Website
Various views of the DRECHSEL GmbH website
#Project-Management #UI Design #Full-Stack-Development

Conception and development of a responsive website including CMS for the Drechsel company. Implemented with Laravel, Vue.js & SASS

➟ Show Website
Various views of the DEKRA Expert Migration website
#Project-Management #UI Design #Frontend-Development

Conception and implementation of a responsive website with Nuxt.js for the new website of DEKRA Expert Migration GmbH

➟ Show Website
Various views of the Trackflix app
#Logo Design #UI Design #UX-Design #Branding #App Design

In addition to basic branding, the logo and UI design were also developed for the Trackflix app for working time and vacation management.

➟ Show Website
Various views of the Your Message website
#Consulting #UI Design #Prototyping

Consulting, interface design and prototype creation via Figma for the website relaunch of Your Message

➟ Show Website
Various views of the Atelier Baus website
#Full-Stack-Development #Authoring #UI Design #Webshop-Connection

Conception and implementation of a responsive website with Laravel for the new Atelier Bau website including a Shopify webshop connection

➟ Show Website
Various views of the Amaro website
#Consulting #UI Design #UX-Design #Prototyping

UX consulting, interface design and prototype creation via Figma for the website relaunch of Amaro

➟ Show Website
Mockup of a 6-page flyer for a wedding fair
#Visual Design #Flyer #Advertising Materials

This 6-page flyer with a three-fold fold was designed for a wedding trade fair and the print data was prepared.

Various views of the real estate agent website
#Visual Branding #UI Design #Frontend-Development #Immoscout-API

In addition to the visual branding, the UI design and its front-end development were also taken over for the planned website.


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