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UX Design describes the art of creating holistic, positive experiences for users when dealing with websites, apps and other products or services and is the decisive characteristic for successful products and services.

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The complete UX design process consists of a multitude of small adjusting screws and gears that, when cleverly coordinated, increase user-friendliness, usability and conversion, strengthen your brand or product and thus give you a decisive competitive advantage. The three core areas in which I specialize are analyzing or finding problems, improving usability and optimizing the design.

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Find and solve problems

Over half of all digital services and products have problems in the operating concept, which means that a large proportion of potential customers are lost.

In order to optimize usability, I first develop possible solutions after a thorough analysis. Through this approach and the application of best practices and proven methods from the areas of interaction design, user interface design and visual design, I ensure that your product is intuitive and easy to use.

Creates a user-friendly product not only new customers, but also contributes to a positive perception of your brand while increasing the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.

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Improve Usability

Designing interactive applications and apps presents a challenging task for UI designers.

These are often used by a wide range of users with different preferences, skills and needs. Such applications offer a variety of features, options, and interactions that can quickly overwhelm users. Despite these challenges, my passion is to ensure consistent, functional and attractive design even in complex applications. It is important to me that the design is user-friendly and easy to use.

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Optimize Design

A pleasant user experience is of course also crucially dependent on the design.

Many online products these days, for example, are not designed to be responsive at all, which makes usability an obstacle course, especially on the increasingly frequently used smartphone. Optimizing designs is one of my core competencies! I review existing designs for usability, user-friendliness, visual appearance and overall user experience.

I then develop comprehensive solutions and recommendations to optimize the design that focuses on user needs. I can also support you in monitoring and implementing optimizations to ensure that the new design offers a pleasant user experience on all devices.

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Additional Services

There are various additional UX design services available that I provide to optimize the user experience and brand experience and create digital interactions that captivate.

Wireframes & Prototyping

Create early visualization and clarity!

By strategically using wireframes and prototypes, teams and stakeholders get a precise idea of the final product at an early stage, before significant time and resources are invested in development.

From low-fidelity prototypes to highly interactive and high-quality prototypes, I work closely with you to identify problems in the user experience at an early stage. This approach guarantees the development of a tailor-made, first-class product that optimally meets individual requirements.

Usability & Accessibility Audit

Improve the corporate image and user experience!

I would be happy to optimize your website for maximum user-friendliness and accessibility.

With comprehensive usability and accessibility audits, I identify and eliminate potential weaknesses and barriers for people with disabilities. Targeted adjustments to navigation, layout and interaction elements significantly improve the user experience. This leads to higher satisfaction, longer dwell times and an increased conversion rate. The integration of barrier-free elements also expands the target group, underlines social responsibility and potentially attracts new users for your company.

Interaction Design

Create interactive experiences

With my expertise in interaction design, I create seamless and engaging user interactions for web applications, websites and mobile apps.

My focus is on designing a consistent and positive user experience. I develop intuitive interactions that not only meet the needs of users, but also offer sustainable added value. I never lose sight of my customers’ individual requirements.

Scenarios & Customer Journey

Understand the needs of the target group

Scenarios and customer journeys are important tools to help companies better understand their customers and optimize their products and services.

I support you in developing precise scenarios and comprehensive customer journeys to gain a deep understanding of the needs of your target group. These methods help you to improve your products and services in a targeted manner and strengthen your position in the market.

Customer Life Cycle

Build sustainable customer relationships

The customer lifecycle encompasses the various phases that a customer goes through from their first interaction with a company to customer loyalty and potential recommendation.

By specifically shaping this lifecycle, a company can optimize the customer relationship. This includes providing personalized offers and creating improved cross-selling and upselling opportunities. This not only increases customer satisfaction, but also maximizes customer value in the long term.


Would you like a few examples?

Discover the fusion of design and technology in my showcase! Below you will get an insight into my private and professional work in the areas of UI design, UX designer and web development.

Various views of the DEKRA Neo GmbH website
#Project-Management #UI Design #UX-Design #Frontend-Development

Conception and implementation of a responsive website with Nuxt.js for the new website of DEKRA Neo GmbH

➟ Show Website
Various views of the DRECHSEL GmbH website
#Project-Management #UI Design #Full-Stack-Development

Conception and development of a responsive website including CMS for the Drechsel company. Implemented with Laravel, Vue.js & SASS

➟ Show Website
Various views of the DEKRA Expert Migration website
#Project-Management #UI Design #Frontend-Development

Conception and implementation of a responsive website with Nuxt.js for the new website of DEKRA Expert Migration GmbH

➟ Show Website
Various views of the Trackflix app
#Logo Design #UI Design #UX-Design #Branding #App Design

In addition to basic branding, the logo and UI design were also developed for the Trackflix app for working time and vacation management.

➟ Show Website
Various views of the Your Message website
#Consulting #UI Design #Prototyping

Consulting, interface design and prototype creation via Figma for the website relaunch of Your Message

➟ Show Website
Various views of the Atelier Baus website
#Full-Stack-Development #Authoring #UI Design #Webshop-Connection

Conception and implementation of a responsive website with Laravel for the new Atelier Bau website including a Shopify webshop connection

➟ Show Website
Various views of the Amaro website
#Consulting #UI Design #UX-Design #Prototyping

UX consulting, interface design and prototype creation via Figma for the website relaunch of Amaro

➟ Show Website
Mockup of a 6-page flyer for a wedding fair
#Visual Design #Flyer #Advertising Materials

This 6-page flyer with a three-fold fold was designed for a wedding trade fair and the print data was prepared.

Various views of the real estate agent website
#Visual Branding #UI Design #Frontend-Development #Immoscout-API

In addition to the visual branding, the UI design and its front-end development were also taken over for the planned website.


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