Consulting & Controlling

Take your projects to the next level with the right strategy.

With over 20 years of experience and a deep understanding of the media industry and project management, I will expertly guide you through every stage of your project, from planning and conception to monitoring, analysis, optimization, and performance measurement.

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I can support you with this

I provide expert guidance, innovative ideas, and efficient strategies to keep your project on schedule, ensure timely completion, and achieve project objectives.

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As an experienced partner, I will support your company with my expertise in design, technical skills, and years of experience in planning and implementing digital projects.

I will analyze your requirements, assess feasibility, estimate costs, and contribute innovative ideas to optimally position your product, service, or brand.

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I will support your project from start to finish. The end product will meet user needs and business objectives.

I will take responsibility for project planning, resource planning, quality assurance, and feedback management. With my expertise in design and engineering, I will effectively lead backlog management and ensure smooth communication with all stakeholders, including clients, developers, designers, and other teams.

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My expertise lies in automating work processes using automation technologies and consulting and control in line with the 'Kaizen' concept.

By streamlining work processes, increasing productivity and motivation, and minimizing costs, I can help your business achieve its goals with confidence and authority. This approach aims to implement continuous improvements in processes, products, and workflows, resulting in a significant increase in efficiency and enormous cost savings. If you want to improve your operations and make your company more effective, hire me as an experienced expert.

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Do you have a project in mind?

Then let’s work on it together. I am always ready for new challenges!

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Additional Services

I offer various additional services and would be happy to support you in your project and plans to optimize and automate processes.

Process automation

More time for the essentials

Automate repetitive tasks easily with batch processing programs or other automation techniques. A single push of a button can complete hours of work, while avoiding human errors that often occur in monotonous work. Batch scripts and scripting languages such as Python and JavaScript can be used to automate even complex workflows. This is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to save time and increase efficiency.

Process visualization

Create a clear picture

Improve your understanding of projects, complex processes, and customer interactions with effective visualisations. Use flowcharts, UML & Gantt diagrams, and storyboards to create clear and concise representations of information. By using these techniques, you will benefit from more efficient development, reduced errors, and clear communication channels. I can confidently assist you in creating process visualisations and more to ensure your business success!

Content Strategy

For effective communication

I will help you establish clear communication goals and increase conversion rates through a content strategy. By analyzing your target groups and creating personas, we will create a clear path to winning more customers, improving your reputation, or introducing new products. I will support you with content planning and the creation of high-quality content. My expertise in content planning and creation ensures that your message is delivered with authority and impact.

Office templates & macros

Useful digital everyday helpers

To complete repetitive tasks automatically, utilise efficient macros in Microsoft Excel, Word, and other Office applications. Microsoft Word's predefined templates and quick blocks enable you to create content quickly while maintaining a consistent standard, saving time and optimising workflows. This is ideal for entrepreneurs seeking efficiency.


Would you like a few examples?

Discover the fusion of design and technology in my showcase! Below you will get an insight into my private and professional work in the areas of UI design, UX designer and web development.

Various views of the real estate agent website
#Visual Branding #UI Design #Frontend-Development #Immoscout-API

In addition to the visual branding, the UI design and its front-end development were also taken over for the planned website.

➟ Show Website
Various views of the DEKRA Neo GmbH website
#Project-Management #UI Design #UX-Design #Frontend-Development

Conception and implementation of a responsive website with Nuxt.js for the new website of DEKRA Neo GmbH

➟ Show Website
Various views of the DRECHSEL GmbH website
#Project-Management #UI Design #Full-Stack-Development

Conception and development of a responsive website including CMS for the Drechsel company. Implemented with Laravel, Vue.js & SASS

➟ Show Website
Various views of the DEKRA Expert Migration website
#Project-Management #UI Design #Frontend-Development

Conception and implementation of a responsive website with Nuxt.js for the new website of DEKRA Expert Migration GmbH

➟ Show Website
Various views of the Trackflix app
#Logo Design #UI Design #UX-Design #Branding #App Design

In addition to basic branding, the logo and UI design were also developed for the Trackflix app for working time and vacation management.

➟ Show Website
Various views of the Your Message website
#Consulting #UI Design #Prototyping

Consulting, interface design and prototype creation via Figma for the website relaunch of Your Message

➟ Show Website
Various views of the Atelier Baus website
#Full-Stack-Development #Authoring #UI Design #Webshop-Connection

Conception and implementation of a responsive website with Laravel for the new Atelier Bau website including a Shopify webshop connection

➟ Show Website
Various views of the Amaro website
#Consulting #UI Design #UX-Design #Prototyping

UX consulting, interface design and prototype creation via Figma for the website relaunch of Amaro

➟ Show Website
Mockup of a 6-page flyer for a wedding fair
#Visual Design #Flyer #Advertising Materials

This 6-page flyer with a three-fold fold was designed for a wedding trade fair and the print data was prepared.


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I'm interested in freelance opportunities - especially for ambitious or large projects.

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