MartinLiescheUX/UI Designer, Web-Developer & Consultant for digital Solutions

with a serious passion for creating intuitive, user-centered designs and digital experiences

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About me

Very briefly about me

Hi, I'm Martin and I work as Technical Art Director and team leader in the media department at DEKRA Neo GmbH in Mönchengladbach.

I've been living and loving the world of media production for almost two decades. My passion is the conception, design and implementation of a wide range of digital projects.

My expertise includes visual design, motion design, with a specialization in UI design, interaction design and programming of interactive user-centered content as well as web and desktop applications.

Aside from my main job, I support companies as a consultant. I actively support the development of user-centered products and services. This includes the creative design of user interfaces as well as the programming of interactive web and desktop applications. Depending on the requirements, I rely on my network of experts or contribute my skills myself.

Find out more about me and my projects on this website.

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Digital solutions.
Fresh & creative ideas.

Realised with the highest precision and great attention to detail.

Whether consulting, design, programming or the interaction of these areas. The principle of my work is to create innovative and efficient results. To do this, I work closely with my clients to develop a deep understanding of their requirements and goals and to create a customised solution that meets their needs.

User Experience Design

I can support you with a wide range of services related to product and service optimization.

Whether you need help with a specific aspect of user experience design or are looking for a comprehensive approach to optimize the customer experiences.

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User Interface Design

I can fully support you in optimizing existing designs as well as in the conception and creation of new designs.

With great attention to detail, I will give your product a personalised look and, with the right approach, ensure that users become long-term customers.

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Rely on my expertise and achieve more success with your digital products!

From simple interactive content and web apps to responsive websites with a CMS connection.When designing and developing, I always make sure that the products are user-friendly, attractive and easy to use.

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Consulting & Controlling

With over 20 years of experience and a deep understanding of digital media, I support your project!

With first-class advice, creative ideas and effective strategies, I ensure that your project stays on track and is completed on time.

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Do you have a project in mind?

Then let’s work on it together. I am always ready for new challenges!


In the sweet spot of innovative solutions

Pixel poet, code craftsman & team tactician

My expertise in motion design, user interface design and interaction design, combined with extensive project experience, precise project planning and technical affinity in the area of web development, not only gives my products and solutions aesthetic appeal, but also guarantees flawless technical functionality.

Hintergrundbild mit verschiedenen Mustern
> 15 yearsMotion Design, Interaction Design, Web-Development & E-Learning Production
> 10 yearsTeam management, team coordination and quality assurance
> 8 yearsUser Interface Design & Learning Experience Design
> 5 yearsArt Direction, Consulting, Project management & User Experience Design

Would you like a few examples?

Discover the fusion of design and technology in my showcase! Below you will get an insight into my private and professional work in the areas of UI design, UX designer and web development.

Various views of the DEKRA Neo GmbH website
#Project-Management #UI Design #UX-Design #Frontend-Development

Conception and implementation of a responsive website with Nuxt.js for the new website of DEKRA Neo GmbH

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Various views of the DRECHSEL GmbH website
#Project-Management #UI Design #Full-Stack-Development

Conception and development of a responsive website including CMS for the Drechsel company. Implemented with Laravel, Vue.js & SASS

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Various views of the DEKRA Expert Migration website
#Project-Management #UI Design #Frontend-Development

Conception and implementation of a responsive website with Nuxt.js for the new website of DEKRA Expert Migration GmbH

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Various views of the Trackflix app
#Logo Design #UI Design #UX-Design #Branding #App Design

In addition to basic branding, the logo and UI design were also developed for the Trackflix app for working time and vacation management.

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Various views of the Your Message website
#Consulting #UI Design #Prototyping

Consulting, interface design and prototype creation via Figma for the website relaunch of Your Message

➟ Show Website
Various views of the Atelier Baus website
#Full-Stack-Development #Authoring #UI Design #Webshop-Connection

Conception and implementation of a responsive website with Laravel for the new Atelier Bau website including a Shopify webshop connection

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Various views of the Amaro website
#Consulting #UI Design #UX-Design #Prototyping

UX consulting, interface design and prototype creation via Figma for the website relaunch of Amaro

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Mockup of a 6-page flyer for a wedding fair
#Visual Design #Flyer #Advertising Materials

This 6-page flyer with a three-fold fold was designed for a wedding trade fair and the print data was prepared.

Various views of the real estate agent website
#Visual Branding #UI Design #Frontend-Development #Immoscout-API

In addition to the visual branding, the UI design and its front-end development were also taken over for the planned website.


Let's get started

I'm interested in freelance opportunities - especially for ambitious or large projects.

If you have other ideas or questions, don't hesitate to contact me!